The Best “Kobe Beef”, 

at the Most Reasonable Price in Tokyo


For over a century, the name of Kobe Beef has been engraved in the annals of culinary for its fabulous flavor. Now, it is so famous that some say it is one of the 9 most expensive foods in the world. However, it is rarely known that no cows come into this world and begin their lives as Kobe Beef.

Tajima-gyu cows,  regarded as the pinnacle of Japanese black domestic breeds of Wagyu cattle, are raised only by designated producers, with clean water and the very best feed, in a stress-free and relaxed environment.

Much labor and time is devoted in raising calves, so only a limited number of cattle can be raised every year. They produce Tajima Beef, very famous premium beef in Japan.
Among Tajima beef, only the chosen few that satisfy specific quality criteria, such as marbling score, meat texture, weight limitation etc., deserve the title of “Kobe Beef“.

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東京の食の最先端である六本木で、世界で最も有名かつ最も希少な『神戸牛』を、シャンパン・グランヴァンと共に驚きの価格でご提供することが、RRR Kobe Beef Steakのコンセプトです。